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This is my most favourite website ever. I trawl the web for hours trying to find bijou boutique places to stay, for the 2 of us. I generally find those properties who market well, but you have taken this to another level and found the most gorgeous places to stay that I never could find. Thank you .. my holidays and weekend getaways have just got better!
Clara - Bristol

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Love your tips and your taste in pretty travel destinations. thank you very much.
Went to the KillieHuntly in May thanks to your review. It was one of the best holidays we ever had.
Luisa - London
Love love love your blog and your ability to find perfect boltholes that are personal and not commercialised. Thank you
Marc - Paris
Always nice hidden gems that are presented as well as new spots to visit 😊
Anneke - Amsterdam

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I am a Franco-British full time working mum and blogger living in London with my Mr Big and Mademoiselle. The three of us really enjoy staying at unique boutique hotels and villa rentals and we always look for the essential pool!
I've been searching for the ultimate directory of stylish places and a great hotel booking app for ages so I created it!: I hope you'll enjoy it too.

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